New song “Dear Woman” has been posted!

Hi all

Real quick here, Matt and I just posted a song we wrote on Monday this week called “Dear Woman.” It’s a big blusey improv that was done as on the spot as two guys living 1k miles apart can be. Here are a few thoughts from Matt.

“this is an improv in every sense of the word. i was recording a lead guitar track for another song & when that was done, i found myself playing these chords with a stop/start rhythm & really liked the way it sounded. so, i decided to record it. while setting up for the recording, i thought it would be fun to try some live improv vocals right then & then while playing the guitar track. no edits, no polish…just a fuzzbox type effect running on both the guitar & vocals. and this is that track…very raw & rough and a very good indication of what we sound like live. i think everything was done in one take for both of us and Chris absolutely nailed his parts down within an hour or 2. who says you can’t capture the live sound from 3 states away?”

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Chris & Matt

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