New song ‘Easy Way’



Hi friends, and happy Thursday to you!

Matt and I are excited to share another recently finished song called ‘Easy Way.’ This is another song that had a long road to completion. I think I wrote the music for it early last spring after upgrading the drum heads on my kit to Evans and Remo Emperor’s. This was a song that was written shortly after breaking them in. I’d set up my mics and board, hit record and just started playing. I worked up the guitar and other elements after listening to the drums I did over a few days. There are a few songs that have started as drums first and everything else added afterwards – and this is another one. It’s a weird way to write music, but all part of working alone on demos I suppose. Anyway…I sent Matt the music last year and he started piecing together his vocals/lyrics and guitar leads. Flash forward to last month and this one came back up as one that we both liked a lot. Hope you enjoy it!

Easy Way (press to play)

Chris: Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drums

Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Lead Guitar

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