new song “Life Can Go”

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Happy Friday to you all! Spring is tomorrow and with it new songs and a temporary pause, more on that in a bit. Early last month Matt had sent me a song he’d wrote in the early morning hours after a spirited debate he was privy to the evening before. My initial response to it was emotional. The subject matter in the song hit so close to home as it is an issue I spend most of my profession dealing with. Matt had forewarned me that this was a song that he wished he didn’t have to write, but that it needed to be done (if that makes sense).

I developed something simple for it and played an acoustic lead, which I’ve not done on any of our songs together to that point. Recording it was tough as I also went with a different recording approach by mic’ing the room. A few passes were needed to get the sound just right. I think it will come across as painfully beautiful, or at least that is still my take on “Life Can Go.”

As for the aforementioned pause, Matt had an excellent idea to break out some of our favorite songs and cover them! We are currently working on one as I type this and am really excited to see what you all think. There are still multiple songs in the cue right now that are being mixed. They’ve been mentioned in the last few posts, so be on the look out for them soon! As always, thank you so much for all your support, comments and visits to our music pages!

Life Can Go

Matt Cluthe: Lyrics/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/J-Bass
Chris Lee: Electric and Acoustic Guitar Leads

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