New songs!! August 6, 2011

Hi everyone!

Matt and I put the finishing touches on these new ones in the last few weeks. We are really excited to hear what you think about these in particular. They are different than anything we’ve done this year so far, and I think might be signaling a shift in writing? Take a listen over at

We’re both hard at work practicing for the Wishlist gig, which is in less than a month from now. There are songs in development right now, but we’ll be taking a break from work on those in order to prepare for the show. For those that missed out on pre-ordering a copy of our latest album “Life Can Go” we are happy to announce that you can purchase it on iTunes for $9.99 or on CDbaby for $7.99. In the coming month it will become available on a group of other online retailers. If you have trouble finding it for download, just let us know via e-mail or message on Facebook. Thanks you guys!

Chris & Matt

Fault Line:
(Matt) I remember Chris being really excited when he sent this to me–after hearing it, I knew why. Everything was done & it sounded amazing. It’s definitely one of the “harder rock” songs we’ve ever recorded & I had a lot of fun recording the vocals. All-around awesome playing (he plays every instrument on this one!) by Chris.
(Chris) A product of patience on my part. I was struggling with some things, mostly trying to do too much when coming up with riffs/song structures. One afternoon I got a bit angry at the whole mess and started really raking the strings and bending a bit too aggressively. After I was done I set the guitar down for a bit. When I came back I started playing a few riffs and the guitar had some odd tuning as a result of earlier. This song came out of that. Everything on this is a first take. One of the steadiest drum beats I’ve done to date, I think. I called the song Optimus Prime when I sent it to Matt. He was on board quickly and had vocals down not a day after I sent it to him. One of the heavier songs we’ve done together.

Lee – Drums, Guitars, Bass
Cluthe – All vocals, lyrics.

Chaos Ensues:
(Matt) This was a strange song. I’d been playing around with a simple chord progression & decided to try to add the vocal melody that I’d been hearing in my head on top of it. The first 2/3 of the song were pretty much done when I hit the record button…then something happened when i sang the line “before the chaos ensues..” basically, a switch turned on & this song took a strange turn. While listening to the playback, I had the idea of adding some vocal loops on top of the existing track, but I never knew just how far this song would go. Chris was very encouraging & even suggested that I add more vocal loops at the end of the song. The best way I can describe this song is that it could fall apart at any second…but it somehow stays together.
(Chris) I’d never heard a vocal loop like that in songs we’ve done, so obviously I felt it needed to be the prop for the song. Matt said it was the MOST difficult song to mix/master that we’ve ever done due to the sheer number of tracks.

Cluthe – Vocals, Vocal loops, Guitars, Effects, Bass
Lee – Drums, Guitars

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