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greetings from ridiculously hot Waco, Texas. things have been incredibly busy lately in our music world! as we said a few days ago, we’re beyond excited that our 1st album, “Here We Are”, has been released through cdbaby! (you can find it here: the response from friends, family & fans (?!) has been awesome & we truly appreciate all of the support. i think i can speak for both of us when i say that the support has left us feeling a tad shy and very humble. THANK YOU!

while all of the album stuff was being finalized, we continued to write & record. it just took us a little while to catch up and get our bearings. these two songs that we’re releasing today have been “in the works” for a couple of weeks and we’re really happy to share them with you all today. they share a common theme/meaning, but the journey to find this meaning is quite different for each song…both musically & lyrically. here’s some info about each song….look for album news right below the song info.

links to hear these songs:

Lee: (music) Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Drums, Mixing
Cluthe: (words) Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar

to be honest, i wasn’t exactly sure of what to do with this song when i first heard it. i just knew that i wanted to do something. Chris pushed me to try out the lead guitar on this one & i hadn’t played leads in any of our songs for awhile. i just listened, closed my eyes & played. in my opinion, this lead doesn’t sound like me at all. not sure if that’s a good thing or not!! in any case, i had a blast & it was one of my favorite leads that i’ve written thus far. i just love the flow of this song & i also love the story behind it. so much so that i asked Chris to shoot me an email containing this story in his own words. here it is:

“The intro and outtro of this song was written in late 2002 just when I started 4 tracking song ideas on tape. It was one of the very first songs I recorded on my own with multiple parts. The first demo had something like 4 guitar parts going on in it! I remember sitting down and developing out this idea after a long talk with a good friend of mine named Dave. It was a talk about a girl that he had just met. I remember listening to him talk for hours about her and after the conversation I had this melody playing in my head. I titled the idea “Beautiful” for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I was reminded of how beautiful falling in love with someone is. When I went to revisit this idea in April I recall putting D, G chords as a little tribute to my good friend Dave G., who called me last month to tell me he proposed to the girl we’d talked about nearly 8 years ago.”

“Say, Say”
Cluthe: (words & music) Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Mixing
Lee: Bass, Guitar, Shaker, Cymbals, Organ

this is an oldie for me. i wrote this shortly after my wife & i started dating. i was in a band then & brought this song to rehearsal one day, but like so many others that Chris & I have re-worked, it just didn’t fit. i continued to play it during solo gigs because it’s just a lot of fun to play and sing. also, because my wife loves it. (which makes me very happy!) Chris was listening to some of my old songs & grabbed onto two of them–“Say, Say” and “Hold” (which i’m mixing right now)–and asked if I’d like to re-work them. this is all one take & i tried my best to stay true to the original core of the song. this song, like many of my songs, is for Laurel.

“Here We Are” is on cdbaby now!!
-“Here We Are” will be coming to iTunes in the next week or two!!! (crazy!!)
-We’re hashing out a plan for physical release/distribution as i type this. We think we have all of the pieces in place & hope to have a firm update in the next week or two—stay tuned!!!
-The physical release involves more of my sister’s amazing artwork, which she graciously agreed to do!! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with!
-Believe it or not, Chris & I are already talking about the tracking for the next record. We have about 20 songs picked out and our goal is to keep narrowing it down until we reach the magic number of 12-15. It’s going to be a tough task b/c we both love these songs so much. Once everything is finished up on “Here We Are”, we’ll piece it together & submit Album #2 (Untitled right now) for copyright.

So, there you have it. Lots of fun stuff going on these days in musicland. We’re beyond thankful that you all are along for the ride.


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