New songs released!

Hello from the interwebs of Columbia, MO! Chris here with a pair of headphones on listening to newly acquired Pearl Jam bootlegs. Matt and I are proud to release into the wild a pair of new songs that were written about a month ago; “On A Wire” and “Hoping For A Miracle.” Matt and I spoke over the phone yesterday and he said that he felt like these are the best two songs we’ve released together. We talked about how diverse both songs sound and we both agree that these two songs strongly represent everything each of us brings to the table musically.

“Hoping For A Miracle”

Cluthe: Words/Lead & Backing Vocals/Slide & Lead Guitars
Lee: Music/Rhythm Guitar/Precision Bass/Drum Loop

Matt says its the catchiest riff I’ve written! He says the lyrics and vocal melody were very easy to develop. If I recall he said the lyrical inspiration was from a debate he’d had with someone. The very ending of the song is very hard hitting and Matt says he literally punched his guitar at the very end of the song. Listen for the explosion!

“On A Wire”

M. Cluthe: Words/Music/Vocals/Rhythm Guitar & Lead Guitars/Jazz Bass
L. Cluthe: Backing Vocals & Harmonies
C. Lee: Lead Guitars/Backing Rhythm Guitar/Drum Kit

Matt’s wife Laurel makes her return to singing backing vocals/harmonies since “Stay” which was written way back in December 09′ if you can believe it! Both Matt and I feel that having Laurel singing on anything we do makes it instantly better. I love the Cluthe harmonies in this song!

So there you have it! Both new songs can be heard at and to hear all songs go to

Matt tells me the artwork for our debut LP “Here We Are” is getting very close. We are primed and ready to get this LP out there for you all to enjoy! Thanks for staying patient with us and as always we both sincerely appreciate all the kind words, support over the last 9 months!

Love to you all!


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