next batch is wrapping up

hello out there…

first off, we just want to thank you guys for checking out the latest songs. the response has been overwhelmingly positive & we really appreciate all of the support!! our pages have been getting a lot of hits & we really hope that you’re all enjoying the music!

with that being said, we just wanted to let you know to be on the lookout for several new songs that will be posted in the next few days. i had a free day today from classes & work and was finally able to sit down & work on mixing/editing these songs. several of them feature Chris on drums & his drumming has boosted these songs in a big way. we’re constantly trading instruments on these songs & it’s always interesting to see what they’ll end up sounding like. the new songs are in no particular order:


more info on these songs coming soon when we post them on our pages. as always, you can hear our songs here:
(most recent 10 songs)

and here…

(all of our songs)

thanks for listening & happy wednesday!


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