Not Listening/Don’t Question

“Not Listening”

Matt Cluthe: Lyrics/Vocals/Reverse Vocal Effects, Rhythm Fender Electric Guitar, Fender J Bass
Chris Lee: Drum Kit, Lead/Rhythm Epiphone Les Paul

If I were a wilderness photographer, and this song were a bird, it would be a strange bird rarely seen or captured by lens. One that I’d wait a lifetime to capture/hear. I put on my headphones early last month (February) and when I pressed play on this demo, I was met by a flood of sound and something that sounded like a record being played backwards. I thought to myself, what, or even who is it?! Many of Matt’s songs up until here lately have had this straight ahead feel to them, but this…. strange bird…was the sound of Matt heading in a new direction musically. He tells me my influence may be the culprit, but whoever is to blame I have to say that this is one of the coolest songs we’ve worked on together. My initial reaction was to play a bunch of spacey leads, to match the almost ‘alien’ sound I was hearing. I kept thinking this might be what madness sounds like (“voices in your head..”). The early cuts were almost too overwhelmed with sound and so I scaled back a few times before getting it ‘right.’ I think it’s one of the more concentrated set of notes I’ve played and there’s something refreshing about that IMO. The drums were also a challenge and matching the stops and starts was an exercise in patience, that I know in the end will shine through when you listen to this. Matt’s vocal delivery and rhythm playing have taken on a new life and I know we’re both excited to hear what comes next!

“Don’t Question”

Matt Cluthe: Vocals/Lyrics, Rhythm/Lead Guitar, J Bass, Piano, Drum Loop
Chris Lee: Lead Guitar

Quickest song developed to date! Maybe a day? This by far is the very least I’ve ever played on any song we’ve done. One guitar track, pretty simple set of notes that accompany a gorgeous progression. Again a tremendous amount of satisfaction, doing more by playing less and playing what fits. I think this song is a great example of two musician’s having a no ego approach to writing/playing. A beautifully honest song that sees Matt take a radically different vocal approach than Not Listening. Showcases his smooth lead playing and sense of sonic accompaniment that make it sound like there are 3-4 of us instead of just 2. We continue to cut through new musical terrain each new song we post and lately I have no sense of what Matt will send next!

Thanks to everyone for your ears, your interest and support! Lots of love!


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