Oh, My Darling why so Blue?

Hello everybody!

Chris writing from cold/snowy Columbia, MO to let you know that Matt and I have finished 4 brand new songs and I am posting/writing about two of them.


A song with Matt stepping away from his acoustic to play his Fender Strat on this song. Our guitars are really in sync on this song and I find it to be a different approach than our usual formula. Blue is a song that has a very tender vibe to it, but somehow the lyrics have an incredible sense of hope (“everyone’s criticisms seem to roll away”). The solo I played has a very anti-solo feel to it. No face melting here as Matt would tell me. This song also brings a more organic percussion section with live snare/hi-hat and tambourine. I think you’ll be hearing more live percussion on this next batch of 2-4 songs and in future songs to come.

Matt: Fender Strat (rhythm), Fender J-Bass, Lyrics/Vocals
Chris: Lead Guitars and Drums/Percussion

“Oh, My Darling”

My second favorite song Matt and I have done. I initially recorded some pretty shite backing vocals for the song and after sending them along had a moment of panic. I told Matt not to use them because I thought they sucked! He ended up coming back to me with encouragement to try again. Backing vocals aren’t standard in most our songs to this point. Matt gave me a nice pep talk about the differences in our voices which got me thinking about why I like our collaboration so much. We push each other into sometimes uncomfortable spaces musically/creatively and I really think this song is a solid example of that and how differences and discomfort can create AMAZING art. I feel like Oh, My Darling is an unabashed love song and more direct than other Cluthe compositions that I’ve interpreted. Matt really put himself out there on this song and I told him the other day its a song I could listen to every day for the rest of my life.

Matt: Takemine Acoustic Guitar, Fender Strat, Fender J-Bass, Vocals/Lyrics
Chris: Lead Guitar, Keys (Organ), Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocals

Matt will be posting the second 2 songs from this batch of January sessions. Stay tuned and go check out these new songs on www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling and www.myspace.com/presentlyfalling


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