Once More/Hard To Swallow

hello, hello….

Matt here. Chris & I are really excited to post two more new songs called Once More & Hard To Swallow. You can listen to them on our reverb page here: www.reverbnation.com/presentlyfalling.

thanks for your support!


(Chris) This song dropped out of the sky one night during the work week. I rarely work on music during the week because of work, but there was something different about this one. I think all the parts were finished in a day? A lot of excitement around how quickly it all came together. Talk of completing each others musical thoughts quicker and quicker the longer we write together. Matt plays everything on here, except the drums. Pretty amazing melody and guitar work.

(Matt) Chris is right…..this one came together very quickly. I had been playing a lot in Open D tuning, and this song is a direct result of that. When I’d finished my parts, Chris said that he was going to add drums only. I was a little surprised by this, but he told me to trust my instincts & that all of the parts were solid enough to make the final recording.


(Chris) This one quickly followed “Once More” in the same week. I love the guitar intro on this one. Like a bulk of our songs, this one has the “building steam” formula on it. It has a great apex towards the end where all the elements are at once. Matt was worried that all his vocal tracks would make the song too trippy. I think they’re awesome and more experimental than what we have done.

(Matt) To be honest, I have no idea how this song came about. I had a basic chord progression…next thing I knew I was adding some leads…then came the vocals. The vocal layering was an experiment at first…somehow, they stuck around! My favorite part of this song is the bridge where Chris just launches into one of my favorite solos that he’s ever done. His drumming is also amazing on this tune. Like the two that we posted last week, there’s a very good chance that this song will end up on LP #3.

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