One Day/Crying Shame

Matt here….thought we’d mix up the blog a little bit by having only one of us post about each song. Hope you enjoy them…we definitely had a lot of fun writing, recording & mixing them.

(Chris) One Day is a song that I wrote up after taking our dog for a walk one evening. It’s funny how music comes creeping into my head and in this case I had the main chords nailed down by the time I got home. Matt and I were talking about this song a few days ago and he said he wrote something like it a long time ago and that it was basically the same chord structure! Crazy! The lyrics Matt added are intense. To me it seems like he is singing out about making the most of your life. The lines “you only have one breath, one smile..” have spoken to me as of late.

(Matt) This song came together very quickly. It’s a basic chord progression that I just started picking through & a vocal melody quickly formed. The message of this song is to stay true to yourself & change your life if you see it heading down a dark path. It’s good to learn from the past, but you must be aware of how your present actions can affect your future. Chris’ parts are hauntingly beautiful & very subtle. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play this way before.

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