Open Heart Beating + Album Update

hey everyone….
we just posted a song called “Open Heart Beating” on our page. you can hear it by going to right now! Chris wrote the music for this one & we’ve been so busy prepping the new album that it was placed on the backburner. he did a great job mixing it down & we’re happy to finally share it with you! here’s the song info for ya…
Cluthe (words): vocals, lead guitar
Lee (music): rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, bass
with the album winding down, we’re starting to record a lot of demos. we know that it’s been awhile since we put out new music, but we’ve been focused on finishing Where It Began.
speaking of Where It Began, the album is SOLD OUT. wow. thanks for your love & support….and for your patience. we hoped to have the album in your hands by now, but the mastering process has taken a bit longer than we anticipated. we’re taking our time with it because we want it to sound as good as possible. and it sounds amazing…Wil has done an awesome job mastering it! Chris has scheduled two more appointments with Wil. the first will tighten up the last 2 songs and the final meeting will be to wrap up the project. we can’t wait to release it. as soon as it’s 100% done, we will let you know!
until then, we hope this update finds you all well. more new tunes are coming soon & before you know it, you’ll be listening to Where It Began.

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