Order/Music Update!!

hey everyone…

matt here. just wanted to give you all a quick update on some C/L stuff:

-we’ve placed the manufacturing order for the cd copies of Here We Are. they should get to us by the end of next week. we’ll use that weekend to get all of the shipping/order info in order and then….we’ll be shipping the cds to you! like we’ve mentioned before, international orders will take longer. we’re beyond excited to get them out to you & we really think that the artwork will blow you away. (thanks, Mo!)

-also, we’ll still have some copies of Here We Areleft, so shoot us an email (presentlyfalling@gmail.com) for more info on how you can order your copy.

-right now, i’m taking a quick mixing break. two new songs (Coming Through/His Voice) are on the verge of being released. i wrote both of them very spontaneously and once Chris got ahold of them, they took on a new life. we hope to have those posted on our pages in the next day or two. in the meantime, check out two new songs (Can’t Retrace/Hold) that we posted last week!

-one more thing….Chris & I were interviewed a few weeks back by our friend Donny who hosts a weekly podcast called “All That’s Sacred.” we were really excited that he asked us to come on & talk about our fun music collaboration. you can find it on episode #60 and here’s the address: www.allthatssacred.net (Cheers, Donny!)

ok, i think that’s about it for now…..let me double check.

thanks, everyone……


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