Phone Call

hey everyone…

just wanted to write a quick blog about this new song called “Phone Call.” this is a song that i wrote back in July of this year & we kept pushing it back for one reason or another. in the last few weeks, Chris & I have had the chance to go through a bunch of songs (old & new) to decide which ones we should work on next. i suggested that we finish this song again & he took several listens. he definitely surprised me when he said that he didn’t want to add anything to it…because it already sounded like it was done. so, here it is. it’s a moody acoustic song that hold a lot of meaning to me. i’m not going to get into the specifics concerning what it’s about, but i will say that there are times in life when a simple phone call can floor you and shake you to your core. thanks to Chris for pushing me to release this. i’d also like to thank him for our friendship & collaboration because it has allowed me to write songs that are very personal….songs that i used to shy away from.

more new tunes are in the works…
until then, enjoy this tune.


Phone Call
Cluthe (words/music): vocals, all guitars, shaker, tambourine

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