PJ20 Wishlist Pre-Party

hi everyone! it’s safe to say that Chris & I have been kind of busy lately! but, there’s nothing wrong with that! Life Can Go has been released and most of the orders have reached their final destination. if you have any questions or concerns about your order, just drop us an email (presentlyfalling@gmail.com). all of our remaining physical copies of Life Can Go will be heading to Wisconsin (along with some copies of our first album, Here We Are) & will be available to purchase at the PJ20 Wishlist Pre-Party with a portion of each sale going back to the Wishlist Foundation.

we’re honored that they asked us to play at the pre-party and we’ve both been practicing like crazy. Chris is flying down to Texas this weekend so we can practice & make some final adjustments to our 2 1/2 hour set.

the Wishlist Foundation sent out a press release about the pre-party and you can read it here:


Wishlist is an amazing organization & we’re very proud to stand alongside them in their efforts to raise money for some truly amazing causes.

so, there’s a little update for you all. i need to get back to practicing for the show!!

until next time,


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