Pre-Sale/PJ20/New Tunes

hey everyone….

just thought we should write you all real quick to update you on what we have going on these days. if you have any questions, just drop us an email!

Life Can Go Pre-Sale:
first of all, thank you to everyone that has already ordered!! we wanted to let you know that the pre-sale will be ending on Monday, August 1st. on Tuesday, we will be placing our order the have the cds manufactured and we should receive them 7-10 days after we place our order. this is a LIMITED RUN, which is why we keep reminding you all to pre-order! a large amount of the “extra” cds are spoken for (more on that in a second…)…so if you want a copy, the only way to guarantee that you’ll receive one is to pre-order it. if you have any questions, please let us know asap. one more thing….we’ve seen Maura’s final artwork…and it is simply amazing. she did an awesome job & we can’t wait to share it with all of you!!

PJ20 Wishlist Pre-Party:
chris & i still can’t quite wrap our heads around the fact that we’ve been asked to play this event in Lake Geneva, WI on Friday, September 2nd. Wishlist is a fantastic non-profit that works in conjunction with Pearl Jam. they have raised a ton of money over the years to help countless people and charitable organizations in the US & abroad. this event is going to be huge & a lot of fun. we’re going to be playing 2 full sets, with Wishlist raffles & drawings happening in between. to play a show like this in front of our friends in the PJ community that combines our favorite band with an amazing non-profit is truly a blessing and we’re beyond excited!! chris & i are going to be selling copies of our new record, Life Can Go, at this event and will be donating a large percentage of the profits to the Wishlist Foundation. we’d like to send an extra thank you to Jen & Laura for asking us to play. see you in Wisconsin!!!

New Tunes:
in the midst of all of the pre-sale fun & show preparations, we’ve kept on writing! we have two new songs that we’re currently mixing (should be out in a week or 2) and several others that are in the early stages. stay tuned to our blog ( & twitter (@clutheleemusic) feed for the latest info!

so, there you have it! lots of fun stuff going on these days in Waco & Columbia!! hope you’re all doing well & thanks again for your constant love & support!!

matt & chris

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