reels fly by

hey, hey..

“pressing buttons….let the reels fly by…”

something about those lines in this song just sounds so liberating. i liked it so much, that i asked Chris if he liked the line enough to make it the song title! this song was an absolute blast to record. i had so much fun playing the bass line in this one & the vocals were a lot of fun to sing as well. it came together really quickly. he sent me 2 alternate versions of the upbeat & one not. i loved the upbeat one. i had no idea that he was going to re-record it, but he did. and i love this version even more than the originals. this was easliy one of the fastest songs to come together in awhile. it has such a positive feel to it….good times, indeed.

turn it up & dance. that’s what i was doing when i recorded it & i think you’ll be glad you did!

2 more songs are wrapping up as i type this: “Stay” & “Go Home”….they’ve been on deck for awhile now, but they’re nearing the finish line. stay tuned…they’ll be posted soon.

and another flurry of new ideas is in full swing as well…..2010 has been very busy so far, but also very rewarding!


music: Lee
words: Cluthe

Lee: Electric Guitar, Shaker, Drums
Cluthe: Vocals, Bass, Mixing

**since myspace only allows 10 songs at a time, we have to keep removing older tunes when we post a new one. if you want to hear what we’ve done so far, you can visit our other page here: as always, if you want mp3’s of any of our songs, you can email us at thanky.**

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