Second LP is finished!

Greetings friends and family!

It’s been a good long while since we last updated you all. October has been an extremely busy month for both Matt and I. Lots of travel for us in different places. We did finally get to have that jam session when we (and our wives) met for the first time in Austin, Texas about 2 weeks ago. It was a completely surreal moment for us all. See picture above. We all had a great time at the Austin City Limits Music Festival while there and got to see/eat/drink a good deal of Austin. We enjoyed it so much that there are already plans to attend all 3 days of the festival next September!

This past weekend Matt and I finally settled back into the music and finished up the final mixes, and track sequencing for the second album. The new mixes have new parts added to them that give them quite a punch. Matt and I both think this second album is largely different than our debut “Here We Are.” We have included a hidden track on this album and have plans to submit a grouping of tunes outside the album that may come out as an EP or b-sides down the line. Before we submit for copyright we have to name it. There are several titles being thrown around, all of which are fitting. We’ll keep you posted on when the second album is available for download. There has even been some chatter about a potential vinyl release?! Shhhhh…..don’t say anything yet! Ha!

While we’ve been chipping away at making the songs on this second album sound as good as possible, we’ve also been VERY busy writing new music. As of tonight we have 5-6 new songs that are in various stages of completion. Most have been written since mid-July and are all very different in tone. These new ones will start trickling out 1-2 at a time as we start closing in on the end of 2010!

That’s about it from here. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support! We love you back!


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