She/Fragile Ones

(Matt) This is a song that pre-dates my work with End Result & was written shortly after my oldest sister got engaged & a couple of years before I met my wife. I am the youngest of four children & at the time I was the only one that wasn’t engaged/married or in a serious relationship at all. I was thinking about my sister’s engagement and was trying to imagine what that felt like…to know that you want to spend your life with someone, in good times & in bad. I had been in somewhat serious relationships before, but nothing that would have led to marriage. With this in mind, I wrote this song & started playing it at some acoustic shows. When I started working with End Result, I kept it to myself for awhile because it didn’t seem to “fit” our sound. I played it for the band one day at rehearsal. We had a show that weekend & had just run through the setlist during practice & started jamming. I asked if they’d like to hear it & they said yes. We played it live that weekend…and proceeded to play it at every show after that. I didn’t fully understand what this song meant until I met my wife, but now I do.

I randomly asked Chris if we could play it at our show in February of last year & he was game. I love his guitar work on this song! Then, I sent him the rough recording out of the blue & this is a result of that rough recording. I’d like to dedicate this song to my amazing wife, Laurel.

(Chris) She is a song I remember Matt sending me a demo of in 2009 back when he was with End Result. It was an easy song to get hooked on. A straight up love song. It wasn’t until 2011 when we played our first show in Dallas that I’d heard it again & he had proposed adding it to the set list. We ended up playing it again at our second show in Delevan in late summer 2011 – and I think Matt had plans to do a proper recording of the song shortly after that trip. It’s truly a great song – and one I believe would be a big break for him/us if we were doing music as full time careers.

(Chris) I wrote the music for Fragile Ones back in November 2011 after a very intense dream about my Grandfather. In the dream he was singing me this lullaby as a little kid and when I woke I immediately began searching the guitar for the chords/notes. The music he was singing was loud as reality and when I found the chords I got a bit overwhelmed. I ended up calling my parents and telling them about this dream. They said when I was very little he used to sing songs to me. Totally blown away. A memory that I have no memory of – coming up in my dreams. There’s a somber tone to it – and a gentle sway that to me is very lullaby-like. I don’t often write such directly personal/inspired things like this – but it happened, so here you go!

(Matt) This song is one of the simplest songs (and most beautiful, in my opinion) that Chris has ever sent me. He was very clear from the beginning….let’s keep it simple, so just add vocals. When I heard what he’d recorded, I agreed immediately. While Chris was thinking about his Grandfather when he wrote the music, I was thinking about our nephew. He’s a tough little guy that was dealing with some medical issues (he’s doing much better now) and my brother and sister in law were handling it like champs. The idea is that whether we’re big or small, we’re all fragile…and so is life.

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