Snapshot/First Light

Hi everyone…..

It feels good to finally post these songs so you can hear them. Chris & I have been a little busy lately & we really took our time to make sure that they sounded as good as possible. They’re both pretty & melodic, but not to worry….the songs that we’re working on now are loud, quirky & a lot of fun. Thanks again for your support during our mastering fundraiser! 3 songs have been mastered & we have 10 to go…..we’re so excited to release the album in the Fall! Here’s some brief info on our new songs & we hope this message finds you all well.

Matt & Chris


(Cluthe) Big thanks to John (my father-in-law) for letting me borrow his mandolin! I’ve been wanting to learn the basics on the mandolin for awhile & this is the first full song that I wrote using the instrument. I kept working on it for about 2 weeks to make sure that it was nice & tight. Once it was where I wanted it to be, I recorded it. It’s always a treat when I can get my wife to sing on a song & Laurel’s vocals really add another layer to this song.

(Lee) The mandolin is a such a quiet little ‘hurricane’ of sound. Matt’s playing on it is amazing. Great harmonies between he and Laurel on this one. I played drums – which was fun to just have that one part to do. A total Matt composition through and through.

M. Cluthe (words/music): vocals, mandolin, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Lee: drums
L. Cluthe: backing vocals

(Lee) Messing around with different tunings and a capo again on this one. The original demo was edgy and had electric guitar on it – but after hearing Matt had a mandolin we decided to keep it as mellow as possible. Matt plays lead on mandolin and sings on this one.

(Cluthe) Chris wrote the music for this one & it immediately grabbed me. It’s a loose song that could have gone in a million different directions, but Chris trusted me to try the mandolin on this track.

Cluthe (words): vocals, mandolin
Lee (music): guitar, drums, bass

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