Some things old, some things new

Hi everyone!

Chris here again to update you all on the latest news from the Cluthe & Lee music world. As of this morning, my iTunes library says Matt and I have completed a total of 52 songs together! This past week saw two new tunes finished and forgotten oldie that was never posted. They have already been posted on our MySpace page and will also be up on ReverbNation shortly. Matt informs me that our debut album artwork is nearing completion and we’re looking at a June 2010 release of “Here We Are.” Good things are happening and we are so very excited to be getting closed to releasing the LP digitally.

Ok, now onto the new tunes. “Hands Now Clean” is a song that was written the same day as “In A Corner” and was a song that was edited/mixed and forgotten in the flurry of tunes that were happening at the time. I was combing through my files and saw one I didn’t recognize called “Open A song.” I e-mailed Matt thinking we hadn’t finished it because the file I had sounded unfinished. He wrote back and attached the version that is now up for you to hear. It’s a tune that has a very strange tuning unlike anything we’d done together and similar to “In A Corner.” I had been on quite a Led Zeppelin kick at the time, and I think there might be

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