Some things old, some things new.

Hey all

Quick update from the Cluthe & Lee music world. We have posted 3 new songs this morning!

Hands Now Clean

Matt: Lyrics/all vocals, slide guitar, j-bass and lead electric guitar
Chris: Acoustic Guitar, all percussion and lead electric guitar

This one was written the same day as “In A Corner” back just after the new year and was worked up during a flood of tunes at the time. It was all but forgotten until I wrote Matt and asked him about a file I had that sounded incomplete. He sent back the version of this song that is posted now and said we had pretty much worked it up, but totally forgot about it. Matt plays a rockin’ slide and bass on this one. I had been on a Zeppelin kick at the time and I think there’s a definite influence in the song.


Matt: Lyrics/all vocals, lead guitar, j-bass
Chris: Acoustic guitar, piano, drums/percussion

Written March 30, 2010. We both think this is the most upbeat, happiest song we’ve done together. It started with some happy C and D chops on the piano and grew quickly from there. When Matt sent it back with vocals/lyrics I could tell he had some real fun singing! He sent the lyrics and before I listened to the playback, I read them. There lying in the first few lines was the word “abbreviated” and I wondered how the hell he was going to sing such an unusually long word. Matt says he remembered this when he titled the song, ha! The guitar work he added is really awesome (thanks chicken salad!)and the bass matches that upbeat piano. We both joked quite a bit about the upbeat/happy feel to this one and how it was a refreshing change from some of the darker stuff we’d been doing the last month or so.


Matt: Lyrics/all vocals, main rhythm guitar, j-bass, effects
Chris: Lead guitar

Last week Matt sent me 3 new songs in one day. This one came complete with lyrics and a driving/rhythmic guitar track. I think the main guitar has its own percussive quality to it and so we elected not to do any drums, etc., on it. It has a very atmospheric tone to it thanks to Matt’s awesome mixing work! This song came together VERY quickly. Maybe the fastest ever?

We are both really stoked to continue writing songs and getting to share them with all of you! These 3 songs are all very different and I think represent an obvious diversity of musical taste/ability. On my end I know that this is one of my favorite things about playing with Matt. I just never know what is coming next!
These songs are up on MySpace for you to enjoy and will be posted on ReverbNation along with all 52 completed songs. Thanks for all your support! You know who you are!

Love and all that,

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