State Of Flux/Hold Me Down have been posted!

hey everyone—-

Matt here. just wanted to let you know that Chris & I have wrapped up 4 new songs and we’ve posted the first two today! they are streaming right now on our pages here:

the other new songs will be posted early next week….so stay tuned. here are our thoughts on these new songs:

State of Flux:

(CHRIS) The last of a large group of songs written in winter 2010/2011. I wanted to develop this out to sound upbeat and jumpy. The song caught fire once I came up with the accompanying guitar part you hear in the right speaker. I’m always trying to find some element that takes ordinary chords or music to a level worth working on. Once the guitars where in place I felt it was time to send over to Matt. His initial feedback was positive & away he went. He took lead guitar duties on the song and continues to write these stand out leads in a lot of our songs. I think the bass line was something he really liked.

(MATT) This song was a lot of fun to work on. It had a great groove right from the beginning & I was really excited to try something new vocally. Chris said that it’s our “poppiest” song yet, and he may be right. The bass line is one of my favorites that he’s come up with thus far & it really pushes the tempo of the song. The solo was tricky & it took me a long time to nail down the take that you hear!

Hold Me Down:

(CHRIS) Matt had a very cool slide riff going (there’s a video of it on our Facebook page). I had an old drum track that I thought might fit the song. Matt had to re-arrange some things, but sent back this monster sounding song. He had some struggles finding a fitting bass sound if I recall. I also think he had told me that he’d ended up pissing off the neighbors whilst recording the vocals for this one. Good stuff!!

(MATT) THe working title for this song was “Blues Slide Stomperooni.” Yup. Silly name, fun song. For some reason, I’ve been keeping on of my acoustics tuned to Open D for a long time. One day, I picked it up & grabbed the slide. Within 24 hours, the core of the song was done. I had an absolute blast recording all of my parts on this song. The bass was challenging, but once I stepped away for a bit it fell into place. Chris’ lead lines throughout the song are simply awesome. These 2 songs are so different….they sound like an entirely different band, in my opinion.

So there you have it! New stuff is in the works as I type this. Looking forward to spending some time in the studio this afternoon! Stay tuned for the other two new songs (Hard To Swallow & Once More) early next week!

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