Stay or Go Home?

Hi all

Chris here. I really like this new bloggy blog Matt set up. I thought I’d give you listeners a quick update. I’ll be posting two new tunes called “Stay” and “Go Home” on and later on today.

“Go Home” had many twists and turns along the way. To quote the mighty Jack Irons, the song was ‘given’ back in mid November 2009 and started out as an acoustic ditty using that main riff that starts this version. 2 more versions were developed, one of which used a drum track. In the late stages just when we were thinking this song was finished, Matt and I talked and he mentioned one of the previous versions without a drum track and how much he liked that one. I had forgotten about it, went back and listened to that version and felt like that was the one that needed to get out there for everybody to hear. Maybe someday we’ll post the crazy guitar/drum loop driven version?

“Go Home”
Chris: Guitars, Bass
Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Guitar, Djembe/Tambourine

“Stay” is a song that I wrote back just before Christmas. It started when I was playing around with the keyboard on “pipe organ” and had started playing this really sad sounding set of keys. I wanted that organ to be the main feature of the song but felt like something was missing. When I sent it to Matt I asked him to put down a firey guitar solo. He was pretty stoked to plug in and let it fly. The solo he plays in this song sounds awesome! It has a very Neil Young (Crazy Horse days)sound to it and I had told him that it sounded like his guitar was crying! So, now that both the organ and guitar are crying, I think you get the idea that this song is a tad emotional. Matt’s wife Laurel makes her return since “Pieces Apart” and puts down a hammer of harmony that will raise hairs on your neck. You have been warned : )

Chris: Acoustic Guitar, Organ/Keys, Bass
Matt: Vocals/Lyrics, Electric Guitar(lead), Djembe/Tambourine
Laurel: Backing Vocals

Thanks to everybody for listening and supporting what Matt and I are doing. We sincerely appreciate it!

Kirk out….

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