Take Flight

Hi everyone….

(Matt) This song has been done for a few weeks, but life has been a little hectic lately….so it took me awhile to finally have the time to mix it. It’s called “Take Flight” & it’s one that has really had me thinking lately about all of the upcoming changes in my life. My wife & I are leaving Texas for cooler climates later this month. It’s a move we’ve been daydreaming about for years & are excited that it has become a reality. It seems appropriate to post this today, on our anniversary…as we prepare to leave on our big adventure.

It came together really fast. We were up late one night packing & I started strumming the main chord progression & quickly wrote down the lyrics to the chorus as they came to me. I recorded it on my iPhone & called it a night. The version that you hear is the first take that I recorded the next day.

(Chris) Take Flight is what I would call a ‘classic Matt composition.’ Signature strumming pattern, acoustic slide guitar and gentle, flowing, introspective lyrics. I love adding textures to these songs – the additions come so naturally to me, a testament to how well we write music together in my opinion! I had just changed all the drum heads on the kit when this one came to me via e-mail. I love the punch of the new snare in this – and I think you all will notice that when you listen. Hope you enjoy this latest work by Matt and I….until the next one, thanks for listening!

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