the next wave is starting to form….

hello all..

i just posted the first song out of a collection of 4 new Cluthe/Lee songs that will be coming your way in the next week or so. “New To Me” is a song i wrote a couple of months before this collaboration started & i’ve never played it live. it’s a refreshing song, i think. whenever i play it, it just makes me happy. here are the notes on “New To Me”….

New To Me
words/music: Cluthe

Cluthe: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, slide guitar, mixing
Lee: electric guitar, backing vocals, organ

like i said, we have three others coming your way very soon & they are all different from the next & last. they are “Stay”, “Go Home” & “Untitled/Reels Fly By”.

the motu is up & running & it’s making recording much more fun! it’s been a really busy week for Chris & I, but we’ll be posting these songs & some further album updates very soon!

thanks for listening,

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