thoughts + an update…

hey everyone…

matt here writing from Houston. laurel & i are here to celebrate the wedding of two great friends, melissa & luis. they’re tying the knot this evening & we’re so happy for them. CONGRATS, you two!

yesterday was the rehearsal dinner & we were able to sit down & catch up with some of laurel’s oldest friends, who i’m proud to call my friends now. several of them asked me about the music that chris & i have been creating…about the process, distance from waco to columbia and about what’s next. maybe because i’m in the thick of it…..i don’t tend to dwell on just how unique this friendship & collaboration truly are until i have to answer a question about it. the truth is that i have never had as much fun playing music as i do right now. the ideas keep flowing, there are no egos, and it feels like it is constantly evolving. i’ve lost count on how many songs we’ve finished, but i know it’s a lot. and i truly enjoy them all. some more than others, sure…but each one is truly unique in its own way. we’ve come a long way since “presently falling”, but that still remains one of my favorites we’ve done so far. we’re just having a blast with the whole thing…….so much so that chris has even brought up the idea of trying to do a mini-tour of sorts early next year. count me in! i’m truly happy & blessed to be a part of this collaboration/band. thanks, chris.

now for the update….

since the release of the crazy eight, we’ve been writing….a lot. there are about 4-5 different ideas/demos going back & forth right now and we’re really excited to share them with you all sometime soon. i can tell you this much….they don’t sound like anything we’ve done thus far. stay tuned on that.

our second record, Life Can Go, is done. it’s copyrighted and maura is working hard on the artwork. our hope is to have them available for pre-order in the next few weeks.

as always, you can listen to all of our tunes here:

thanks so much for your love & support,


*one more thing…..
we actually have a few copies of Here We Are left. if you’d like to order a copy, just shoot us an email at & we’ll get you taken care of! see ya….

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