time to get the ball rolling again!

hey everyone…

Matt here writing while surrounded by a wall of boxes. the move went well & my wife & i have been working non-stop…but it’s really starting to come together & we love our new place. while we settle in, Chris & his wife are packing up to move into their new home in Columbia. lots of changes going on these days, but the music remains a constant.

i will finally re-fire my mixing machine later today & we have a few that are “very close” to being finished. i hope to have at least 2 of these new songs finished by the weekend so we can share them with you.

i picked up my guitar last night & played for about 45 minutes & it felt great. i haven’t played in about 2 weeks b/c of the moving craziness.

in album news…..
the artwork is about 90% done! Maura (my amazingly talented sister….her link: www.frag-ment-ed.com) has been hard at work & she’s just making some finishing touches. Chris & I have not seen the finished product & we can’t wait!!!! once the art is finished, we’ll submit it & it will be available to download soon.

so, there you have it. the musictrain is rolling again & we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

thanks for listening (& reading)…

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