“Timeline” Show Info

hi everyone…

when i landed this gig at Dunn Bros, i had a crazy idea to try something different for this show….something that i’d never tried before. as the weeks went on, it felt less & less crazy. so, here i am ready to play songs that i haven’t played in 10+ years. first, a little history.

i love music. i always have & i know that i always will. i have memories of sitting in front of my sister’s mirror when i was a little kid strumming my mom’s acoustic guitar. of, course, i wasn’t playing….merely making noise & driving my family crazy. i would put a cd or tape (yup, i’m showing my age) and act like i was in the band. i think i was 7 or 8 years old at the time.

growing up in our house, there was music everywhere. my dad would shake the walls listening to classical music records, my sisters would listen to 80’s pop, rock and country & my brother was listening to a little bit of everything. so, it’s been with me my whole life.

in high school, i met a guy in art class & we started a band. i sang lead vocals & played drums. my bandmates were much better than i was. it’s a tough thing to sing in a band when you’re 14 or 15. my voice would change mid-song. ha! in any case, we played a handful of shows and had a lot of fun. at this point, i was writing teenage lyrics…but couldn’t write the songs i was hearing in my head b/c i couldn’t play guitar or piano.

when i went to college, i met a guy in my english comp class. we got to talking about music & i found out that he was in a band. he told me that their drummer had an injured wrist & asked if i could fill in for one show & a few practices. i agreed…as long as he taught me guitar. the first lesson, he showed me the 8-10 basic chords & told me to keep practicing. that was all the encouragement i needed.

once i had the chords down, i started writing simple songs (still some of my favorite to write). after a year or so of practicing, i played my first solo acoustic show as the “opener” for a night of karaoke at a local bar.

this timeline show has allowed to me look back & re-learn some of those old songs & i’ve had a lot of fun practicing over the last few weeks. it’s been interesting to go through dozens of old notebooks…reading the old lyrics. it’s hard to believe that i wrote them.

for this show, i will be playing a variety of songs. some from when i started writing/playing, some from my days of singing lead & playing rhythm guitar in End Result, some newer solo songs, and it will conclude with songs that i’ve worked on & recorded with my bandmate in Cluthe/Lee, Chris Lee. i’ve also thrown in a couple of covers here & there that were written by some of my favorite songwriters. my wife will be joining me on stage for a couple of songs & it should be a lot of fun.

i’d like to thank everyone that’s ever told me to keep at it. it’s a trip to look back….but this show has me even more excited about looking forward. see you at the show!


Who: Matt Cluthe
When: Saturday, Jan 28 2012
Where: Dunn Bros (Addison)
Address: 3725 Belt Line Rd Addison, TX 75001
Cost: Free!

PS—I Will be bringing a few copies of our Cluthe/Lee albums (“Here We Are” & “Life Can Go”) that will be available for purchase.

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