Unfolding/Red Clouds


Matt: This song has been in my head since I wrote it late last year & I’m very happy to finally release it! Ha! My wife & I were in the middle of packing and moving and I remember feeling a tad overwhelmed. I had this little idea circling in my head one day, so I stopped packing & picked up the acoustic to write this song. I ran through it once or twice, then switched to my Strat & hit record. To me, it sounds very rough around the edges…which I love. I was unsure of my solo at first, but Chris insisted that we keep it. This song has gone through a few mixes & revisions, but the core of the song has remained. I’m really proud of this song & love to play while sitting around the house.

Chris: Another one sent back in November 2011 that got put on the back burner for all of December during the break. Throughout work on this song Matt would tell me that this one was pretty special to him. Before I started working on it he’d said that it was an “album #3 contender.” Real moody song – the vibe dial is turned to 11 on it for sure! Like Red Clouds, drums for this were very difficult for some reason. In past blogs I’ve said how difficult it is keeping time first as a novice drummer, and second when we’re not recording these songs in the same room! I think there were something like 5-6 takes that all sounded horrible – before I took the Meg White approach on the kit and tried using the simplest drum cadence I could do – no fills – not a whole lot of cymbal work. I remember the kick drum was giving me fits. I ended up taking out the blanket & grabbing some newspaper and stuffing the bass drum with it (John Bonham technique for all you R&R buffs). I think I finally got the punchy sound I was looking for. For my guitar parts – I ended up recording two – I was trying to match the moody/vibe of the song. Jumping in on parts and jumping out took some time. Matt did a great job editing what I sent him – which was pretty constant playing throughout the song.

Cluthe (words/music): vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass
Lee: lead guitar, drums


Chris: First of a few songs that we started working on after nearly a month off from music. I think Matt recorded this song back in November 2011? So many songs – one loses track of when things are done! Red Clouds is a nice little acoustic ditty with this slamming break down that took me by surprise when I first heard it. The solo he played was equally surprising – Matt has really come into his own with guitar solo’s in the last year or so. Drums were tricky on this because it was acoustic. Lots of takes on this one – lots of back and forth to the mixer trying to find the right tone/sound for this song. I ended up using one wood stick and one brush – a strange combo but I wanted to make sure I didn’t overwhelm the song with the drums. Not an easy thing to do when I usually have no clue what I’m doing behind the kit! Hahaa!! The guitar parts I added came pretty quickly – I wanted something really contrasting to the quiet/acoustic tones of the song. This one didn’t take too long for Matt to mix this once my parts were finished. Great song – could see us playing this live for sure.

Matt: I’d been fiddling around with the main riff/chord progression for awhile, but was never sure what to do with the bridge. I decided to do a rough recording to see what Chris thought. Well, the rough recording stuck! I love his drumming on this song & it’s amazing to hear how much his drumming has evolved since he set up his kit. The solo truly came out of nowhere…and again, I was surprised that Chris wanted to keep it in the final mix. It’s a fun tune that was also written while we were gearing up for our move & the move even crept into these lyrics: “Life more fragile than a box..don’t you know?”

Cluthe (words/music): vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Lee: drums, bass, rhythm guitar

We’re really excited to finish these songs & we’re working on the next few songs as I type this. As always, thanks for your support!

Matt & Chris

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