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it’s matt. i’m taking a break from listening to some early mixes of our next batch of songs & thought i’d drop a line. since christmas, chris & i have been churning out these songs at a crazy pace & we’re having a blast. they’re all so different & it’s always exciting when he sends me a new idea because i have no clue what it will sound like & how my musical brain will react.

right now we have 3 solid songs that are in various stages of production, with a few others waiting in the wings. i thought i’d share a little bit about each one of these three to serve as a preview for when we post them.

“in a corner”

this song has been known as “Zep Song” to chris & i for the last couple of weeks. we needed to a concrete title, so i thought about the lyrics & theme, and “in a corner” popped into my head. this one is a two and a half minute bluesy stomp of rock n’ roll. chris wrote it & i immediately knew that this one was going to be fun to work on.

“man of the mountain”

this is a song of mine that i wrote about a year or so ago. it always seemed like it was missing a few parts. enter chris & his awesome lead guitar work & drumming/percussion. i’ve just finished the slide guitar work on this one & it should be a lot of fun to mix & see how it ends up.

“my best half”

a song i wrote a couple of days after hearing “in a corner” when chris re-introduced me to open D tuning. it really came together pretty quickly. i had a rough sketch & chris helped me whittle it down a bit and he also added some beautiful guitar lines that took it to a completely different level. it’s for my best half, Laurel.

aside from those three little ditties, we’ve been talking & exchanging a few other ideas as well. among them is a riff-infused gem that chris wrote & a piano ballad that i’ve been working on for awhile. can’t wait to share them with you all soon. until then, thanks for listening.


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