We’ve been busy…..

3/29 SonglistHey everyone,

Matt here. Just wanted to share a glimpse of part of our working song list with you all. We’ve both been very busy lately, but we’re about to put our foot on the gas in the coming weeks. This is only a fraction of what we’ve been working on both individually & collectively. These songs are the most complete & a few of them are done & just waiting to be mixed. What do they sound like? Well, some are bluesy, some are heavy, some are experimental, some are acoustic/slow & some can’t be classified. We’re excited about them & I can’t wait to dig into them this weekend & wrap a few of them up. Stay tuned….we’ll be updating you all as we finish them. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Matt & Chris

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  1. I think you should send a CD to Scott Borchetta in Nashville – he started Big Machine Label records – taylor swift is one of his finds – in any case he likes new talent – what have you got to lose???

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