what’s on deck….

happy thursday everyone…

i just thought i’d give you an update on what we have cooking right now. but first, here’s a quick album update for ya. we’re officially copyrighted (yay!), but are still waiting to receive our documentation of the copyrights…which should be arriving any day now. Maura is hard at work on the artwork and i can’t wait to see how it has progressed b/c her rough drafts were absolutely amazing!

as far as the new songs go, we have several that are in various stages of mixing/recording/production. i should wrap up the mixing on a couple of them tomorrow & we’ll post those this weekend. here’s what we’re working on:

-Tick Tock
-Suspended In Motion
-Swifter Change

plus, we each have a couple of new ideas that we’re passing back & forth through the interwebs. lots of fun stuff coming up! as always, thanks a ton for listening to our songs & reading this silly blog.


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